24 Hours in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most entertaining places to be if you have a long layover when passing through LAX or just visiting for the day. There are an infinite amount of activities to make the most out of this iconic place in 24 hours! Here are just a few:

~Breakfast at The Rose Cafe – Venice Beach
The Rose has been around since 1979, so it is a very established and popular place. This casual cafe has a menu with numerous options. There are plenty of healthy choices and many interesting coffee selections. If you aren’t a coffee person, try their matcha latte. It is the best I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve had many. The cafe has a low-key vibe and is very scenic. Another noteworthy fact is what they put on their receipt: “A 4% charge will be added to your check to help cover the cost of health care benefit that we offer to our full-time employees. Thank you for supporting our staff. If you would like this charge removed, please let your server know and we will remove it.”

Matcha Latte
A beautiful breakfast
Free postcards!


~Mid-morning: Explore Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills is a dream place to live for many, and when you are there, it is so elegant that your imagination soars. Rodeo Drive of course is a must see, and while most of the shopping is very high-end, there are also more reasonable shops such as Anthropologie and L.K. Bennett. Additionally, driving around the neighborhoods is a joy on its own. You will see all types of houses and it is fun to look around and pick out your dream home. You may also pass a celebrity house or two ;), and there are some exceptional dining options such as the Ivy, The Farm, and the Cabana Cafe at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The famous Beverly Hills sign

~Lunch: Urth Caffe
This place is so excellent that I keep having to remind myself to branch out. Urth has a selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, as well as coffee and dessert. It is also a celebrity hot spot, which is understandable because the food is always fresh and exquisite. This cafe is cute and small, and not overwhelming. There are other Urth Caffe locations in LA (Downtown LA, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena) and one in Orange County (Laguna Beach).


~Afternoon: Hike to Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory has been around since 1935, and is known as one of the best attractions in LA. It has movie-worthy views, and you can see all of Los Angeles from the top. “La La Land” was filmed here, along with many other movies. The hiking is mostly uphill, but it is not far and it is worth it for the wonderful views.

View from the car near the Griffith Observatory


~Dinner: The Polo Lounge – Beverly Hills Hotel
The Polo Lounge has a classic cafe vibe and has been around since 1912, but by no means does it look dated. The music is calming, it is very clean, and the staff are clearly very experienced. This restaurant is a Beverly Hills hot spot, and you may see a celebrity here. The food is patently tip-top, and Polo Lounge should be one of your top destinations on your LA itinerary. It is expensive, but worth it because it is an experience you will never forget!

The patio
The bread is not a bagel I promise


~Night walk on the beach
There are loads of beach walk options in LA of course, but I recommend Malibu. Malibu State Beach particularly is always moderately quiet and peaceful in the evening. Night beach walks are the best time to hear the waves, and take in the soothing atmosphere of the beach. It is also a perfect way to relax your mind and wind down the day!

Malibu State Beach



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  1. Very informative, including your photos! Reading this makes me want to try all of your suggestions in various parts of L.A. Thanks for your ideas and reviews!

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